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(ns fruits.prepare
(:require [mikera.image.core :as imagez]
[mikera.image.filters :as filters]
[clojure.string :as string]
[ :as io]))
(defn preprocess-image
"scale to image-size and convert the picture to grayscale"
[output-dir image-size [idx [file label]]]
(let [img-path (str output-dir "/" label "/" idx ".png" )]
(when-not (.exists (io/file img-path))
(println "> " img-path)
(io/make-parents img-path)
(-> (imagez/load-image file)
; this is bad, does not keep the ratio
(imagez/resize image-size image-size)
; but this is not good either
; (imagez/resize image-size)
(imagez/save img-path))
(catch Exception e (println "Skip:" file " due to " (str e)))))))
(defn gather-files [path]
(->> (io/file path)
(filter #(.isFile %))))
(defn- produce-indexed-data-label-seq
(->> (map (fn [file] [file (-> (.getName file) (string/split #"_") first)]) files)
(map-indexed vector)))
; use first half of the files for training
; and second half for testing
(defn build-image-data
[original-data-dir target-image-size]
(let [
training-dir (str (.getParent (io/as-file original-data-dir)) "/training")
testing-dir (str (.getParent (io/as-file original-data-dir)) "/testing")
files (gather-files original-data-dir)
pfiles (partition (int (/ (count files) 2)) (shuffle files))
(produce-indexed-data-label-seq (first pfiles))
(produce-indexed-data-label-seq (last pfiles))
train-fn (partial preprocess-image training-dir target-image-size)
test-fn (partial preprocess-image testing-dir target-image-size)]
(dorun (pmap train-fn training-observation-label-seq))
(dorun (pmap test-fn training-observation-label-seq))))
(defn -main[& args]
(if (empty? args)
(println "Usage: lein run -m fruits.prepare <path-to-image-folder>")
(fruits.prepare/build-image-data (first args) 50)))
(require '[fruits.prepare])
(fruits.prepare/build-image-data "fruits/original" 50)