The "Screen Saver WebExtensions" offers three different animations, inspired of the universe demoscene and one of them, you will be able to customize it from the settings screen.
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SreenSaver WebExtensions

Pour lire en Français : cliquez ici


The "Screen Saver" is a screen saver simulator that offers three different animations, inspired by the universe of the demoscene, one of which is customizable from the settings screen.


The purpose of the extension is to display an animated screen at any time, from your browser without having to lock your session.

For this, a single button, represented by an icon, Screenshot to launch the animation. It is positioned in the toolbar.

To choose a another animation, you will go through the settings screen.

The settings screen

The configuration screen breaks down like this:

The effect

The extension offers 3 different animations:

  • Windows

  • Add-ons

  • Old school

The result of each screen is explained a little lower


The mode 'Fullscreen' works for all three effects above.

To see this mode, just check the box

Setting the Old School Screen

The 'old school' effect offers several configurable animations


First 2 text fields and are animated in the form of sprite

An image that is displayed by default, which you can hide by unchecking the box

The 'message' field allows you to type your own text. it is positioned at the bottom of the screen

Address bar with a popup

An additional icon is displayed after a few seconds on each page.

When you click on the icon Screenshot, you get a popup with some information.


The result

Depending on the effect you chose, the displayed animation will be different.

Windows screen

This screen is inspired by the animation available under Windows 95 and +, made by Microsoft. Screenshot

Add-ons screen

This screen is a nod to the Mozilla Extensions team, whom I salute. Screenshot

Old School screen

This screen is to remind you that the group of demomaker SECTOR ONE is always present and active since its creation at the time of computers ATARI. Screenshot

Customizable screen

The customizable screen allows you to modify the animations of the effect.

Here, we chose the 'oldschool' effect with the following settings


to get the next result



To use this extension, you need a compatible browser:

  • Firefox

Compatible with the version 57 and +

  • Chrome / Chromium

In porting. The extension will be available soon

  • Opera

In porting. The extension will be available soon

  • Edge

In porting. The extension will be available soon

Feature : Fullscreen

When you check the 'fullscreen' box, the animation does not automatically switch to full screen mode. To see the animation in full screen, you tap a key on your keyboard.

However, it is possible to fully enjoy the full screen, when the 'fullscreen' box is not checked by pressing the {F11} key on your keyboard followed by the {F5} key.

The automatic execution of the 'fullscreen' effect is not supported with the Fullscreen API and in the WebExtensions permissions.


(c) Christophe Villeneuve aka Hello / Sector One

Released in 2017