An open source Ruby framework for voice and text chatbots. 🤖
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Stealth is a Ruby based framework for creating voice & text chatbots. It's design is inspired by Ruby on Rails's philosophy of convention over configuration. It has an MVC architecture with the slight caveat that views are aptly named replies.

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  • Deploy anywhere, it's just a Rack app
  • Variants allow you to use a single codebase on multiple messaging platforms
  • Structured, universal reply format
  • Sessions utilize a state-machine concept and are Redis backed
  • Highly scalable. Incoming webhooks are processed via a Sidekiq queue
  • Built-in best practices: catch-alls (error handling), hello flows, goodbye flows

Getting Started

Getting started with Stealth is simple:

> gem install stealth
> stealth new <bot>

Service Integrations

Stealth is extensible. All service integrations are split out into separate Ruby Gems. Things like analytics and natural language processing (NLP) can be added in as gems as well.

Currently, there are gems for:


Natural Language Processing



You can find our full docs here. If something is not clear in the docs, please file an issue! We consider all shortcomings in the docs as bugs.


Stealth wouldn't exist without the great work of many other open source projects and people including:

  • Ruby for creating our favorite programming language;
  • Ruby on Rails for projects like ActiveRecord and serving as an inspiration;
  • Thor for providing us with CLI tools and generators;
  • Sinatra for providing a fantastic, modular way for handling HTTP requests;
  • Sidekiq for the super quick background jobs;
  • standalone-migrations for the help with Rails migrations;
  • Dr. Robert Ford a.k.a. Anthony Hopkins.


"Stealth" and the Stealth logo are copyright (c) 2018 The Black Ops Bureau Inc.

Stealth source code is released under the MIT License.