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Hellums edited this page Jan 11, 2022 · 13 revisions

Welcome to the Wiki for this project. Or the Wiki Wiki as we'd say in Hawaii. It contains some content and links associated with the project, but not part of the actual code or cloned repositories.

You should know that I'm new to both Python and Data Analytics/Science, so I expect my work will get some ? and ?! expressions along the way (for you chess players, anyway). And that's OK, but it's not OK, and that's OK, as Vince Vaughn would say.

My prior programming experience has been more in C, Pascal, and Assembler, with some business analysis and what we used to call decision support system programming in bash, sed, and awk with flat-file databases. And dBase. But let's not talk about that, OK? (see related link on Funny Stuff in sidebar).