Create points of interest (POIs) with signs or a command in game, teleport back to them, and show them off on Minecraft Overviewer!
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Create points of interest (POIs) with signs or a command in game, teleport back to them, and show them off on Minecraft Overviewer!


  • Create POIs (Points of interest) with a single command
  • Add a description to a POI
  • Move a POI
  • Teleport to a POI
  • Show POIs on a Minecraft Overviewer map.
  • MySQL or SQLite storage options
  • Names and descriptions can have spaces.

I Want It

  1. Get the Dependencies:

    • Permissions 2.7.4 (Pheonix)
    • mysql-connector-j (For MySQL storage)
    • sqlite-jdbc (For SQLite storage, get the latest version, I believe it's 3.7.2) NOTE: You don't need the SQLite library if you are using MySQL and vice versa.
  2. Download the ZIP containing all the stuff you need.

  3. Unzip to a working directory. (Desktop, home directory, etc.)

  4. Move the 'Waypoints.jar' file and the 'Waypoints' folder to your '%BUKKIT_HOME%/plugins' directory.

  5. Edit '%BUKKIT_HOME%/plugins/Waypoints/config.yml' (See Configuration below)

  6. Reload CraftBukkit

I Want Markers on Minecraft Overviewer!

Okay, just a few more steps (using FabianN's fork of Overviewer):

  1. The ZIP file contains a folder called 'web', move the contents of that folder to the 'web_assets' folder of your Minecraft Overviewer installation.
  2. Open the 'index.html' page in web_assets and add this after the other scripts: <!--Waypoints--><script type="text/javascript" src="waypoints/waypoints.js"></script>
  3. Optionally, to style Info Windows, add this after the other <link> tags: <link rel="stylesheet" href="waypoints/waypoints.css" type="text/css" />.
  4. Open the 'overviewer.js' script in web_assets and add this: waypoints.init(); after this (on about line 41): overviewer.util.createMapControls(); Examples (ChatterCraft is also added): index.html (View source) and overviewer.js


/waypoint create | Create a new waypoint (and select it) /waypoint select | Select an existing waypoint /waypoint deselect | Select no waypoint (deselect) /waypoint delete | Delete the selected waypoint /waypoint describe | Describe the selected waypoint /waypoint move | Move the waypoint to the player's location /waypoint goto | Teleport to the selected waypoint /waypoint list [ []] | List the waypoints on the server /waypoint | Teleport to the specified waypoint


For MySQL storage: (plugins/Waypoints/config.yml) storage: engine: type: 'sql' dbms: 'MYSQL' uri: 'jdbc:mysql://<server>:3306/<database>' username: '<dbuser>' password: '<dbpass>'

For SQLite storage: (plugins/Waypoints/config.yml) storage: engine: type: 'sql' dbms: 'SQLITE' uri: 'jdbc:sqlite:path/to/waypoints.db'

Permissions Nodes

  • 'waypoints.create' - Create and modify waypoints
  • 'waypoints.list' - List the waypoints on the server
  • 'waypoints.teleport' - Teleport to a waypoint
  • 'waypoints.admin.delete' - Delete other users' waypoints
  • 'waypoints.admin.edit' - Move or change the description of other users' waypoints

Bugs / TODO

Sorted in descending order of priority:

  • TODO: Support for more permissions systems (currently Permissions 2.7.x is REQUIRED)
  • TODO: Support for no permissions system (configurable: OPs can do this, regular users can/can't do that)
  • BUG: When using commands, the max chat length applies. This affects the maximum length of descriptions and names. (This might be fixed in a later version, something to the effect of adding description and deleting descriptions, etc.)
  • TODO: Flat file storage
  • TODO: Create POIs with signs (need a way to check sign text on deletion of sign then delete waypoint from storage)
  • TODO: Multiple/custom icons for POIs (in game limitations increase complexity)

Changelog - Plugin

Version 0.9.1

  • Fixed a glorious SQL connection bug where the plugin becomes useless after an hour or so running. Version 0.9
  • Initial release

Changelog - Overviewer Addon

Version 1.1

  • Added Info Windows Version 1.0
  • Initial Release