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This chart has been promoted to stable, so the version in the incubator is now deprecated.

Apache CouchDB is a database featuring seamless multi-master sync, that scales from big data to mobile, with an intuitive HTTP/JSON API and designed for reliability.

This chart deploys a CouchDB cluster as a StatefulSet. It creates a ClusterIP Service in front of the Deployment for load balancing by default, but can also be configured to deploy other Service types or an Ingress Controller. The default persistence mechanism is simply the ephemeral local filesystem, but production deployments should set persistentVolume.enabled to true to attach storage volumes to each Pod in the Deployment.


$ helm install incubator/couchdb --set allowAdminParty=true


  • Kubernetes 1.8+ with Beta APIs enabled

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm repo add incubator
$ helm install --name my-release incubator/couchdb

This will create a Secret containing the admin credentials for the cluster. Those credentials can be retrieved as follows:

$ kubectl get secret my-release-couchdb -o go-template='{{ .data.adminPassword }}' | base64 --decode

If you prefer to configure the admin credentials directly you can create a Secret containing adminUsername, adminPassword and cookieAuthSecret keys:

$  kubectl create secret generic my-release-couchdb --from-literal=adminUsername=foo --from-literal=adminPassword=bar --from-literal=cookieAuthSecret=baz

and then install the chart while overriding the createAdminSecret setting:

$ helm install --name my-release --set createAdminSecret=false incubator/couchdb

This Helm chart deploys CouchDB on the Kubernetes cluster in a default configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release Deployment:

$ helm delete my-release

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.

Upgrading an existing Release to a new major version

A major chart version change (like v0.2.3 -> v1.0.0) indicates that there is an incompatible breaking change needing manual actions.


This version removes the chart and heritage labels from the volumeClaimTemplates which is immutable and prevents chart from being upgraded (see for details).

In order to upgrade, delete the CouchDB StatefulSet before upgrading:

$ kubectl delete statefulsets --cascade=false my-release-couchdb


The following table lists the most commonly configured parameters of the CouchDB chart and their default values:

Parameter Description Default
clusterSize The initial number of nodes in the CouchDB cluster 3
couchdbConfig Map allowing override elements of server .ini config chttpd.bind_address=any
allowAdminParty If enabled, start cluster without admin account false (requires creating a Secret)
createAdminSecret If enabled, create an admin account and cookie secret true
schedulerName Name of the k8s scheduler (other than default) nil
erlangFlags Map of flags supplied to the underlying Erlang VM name: couchdb, setcookie: monster
persistentVolume.enabled Boolean determining whether to attach a PV to each node false
persistentVolume.size If enabled, the size of the persistent volume to attach 10Gi
enableSearch Adds a sidecar for Lucene-powered text search false

A variety of other parameters are also configurable. See the comments in the values.yaml file for further details:

Parameter Default
adminUsername admin
adminPassword auto-generated
cookieAuthSecret auto-generated
helperImage.repository kocolosk/couchdb-statefulset-assembler
helperImage.tag 1.2.0
helperImage.pullPolicy IfNotPresent
image.repository couchdb
image.tag 2.3.0
image.pullPolicy IfNotPresent
searchImage.repository kocolosk/couchdb-search
searchImage.tag 0.1.0
searchImage.pullPolicy IfNotPresent
initImage.repository busybox
initImage.tag latest
initImage.pullPolicy Always
ingress.enabled false
ingress.hosts chart-example.local
persistentVolume.accessModes ReadWriteOnce
persistentVolume.storageClass Default for the Kube cluster
podManagementPolicy Parallel
service.enabled true
service.type ClusterIP
service.externalPort 5984
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