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Kubernetes AWS EC2 Spot Termination Notice Handler

This chart installs the k8s-spot-termination-handler as a daemonset across the cluster nodes.


Spot instances on EC2 come with significant cost savings, but with the burden of instance being terminated if the market price goes higher than the maximum price you have configured.

The termination handler watches the AWS Metadata API for termination requests and starts draining the node so that it can be terminated safely. Optionally it can also send a message to a Slack channel informing that a termination notice has been received.


You should install into the kube-system namespace, but this is not a requirement. The following example assumes this has been chosen.

helm install stable/k8s-spot-termination-handler --namespace kube-system


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the k8s-spot-termination-handler chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
image.repository container image repository kubeaws/kube-spot-termination-notice-handler
image.tag container image tag 1.13.0-1
image.pullPolicy container image pull policy IfNotPresent
pollInterval the interval in seconds between attempts to poll EC2 metadata API for termination events "5"
verbose Enable verbose not defined
slackUrl Slack webhook URL to send messages when a termination notice is received not defined
clusterName if slackUrl is set - use this cluster name in Slack messages not defined
enableLogspout if true, enable the Logspout log capturing. Logspout should be deployed separately false
rbac.create if true, create & use RBAC resources true
serviceAccount.create if true, create a service account true the name of the service account to use. If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template. ``
detachAsg if true, the spot termination handler will detect (standard) AutoScaling Group, and initiate detach when termination notice is detected. false
gracePeriod Grace period for node draining 120
resources pod resource requests & limits {}
nodeSelector node labels for pod assignment {}
tolerations node taints to tolerate (requires Kubernetes >=1.6) []
affinity node/pod affinities (requires Kubernetes >=1.6) {}
priorityClassName pod priorityClassName for pod. ``
hostNetwork controls whether the pod may use the node network namespace true
podAnnotations annotations to be added to pods {}
updateStrategy can be either RollingUpdate or OnDelete RollingUpdate
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