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velothump and k8s-ci-robot [kube-state-metrics] Add honorlabel parameter (#16401)
Signed-off-by: Adam Graves <>
Latest commit b336958 Aug 20, 2019

kube-state-metrics Helm Chart

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install stable/kube-state-metrics


Parameter Description Default
image.repository The image repository to pull from
image.tag The image tag to pull from v1.7.2
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
replicas Number of replicas 1
service.port The port of the container 8080
service.annotations Annotations to be added to the service {}
customLabels Custom labels to apply to service, deployment and pods {}
hostNetwork Whether or not to use the host network false
prometheusScrape Whether or not enable prom scrape true
rbac.create If true, create & use RBAC resources true
serviceAccount.create If true, create & use serviceAccount true If not set & create is true, use template fullname
serviceAccount.imagePullSecrets Specify image pull secrets field []
podSecurityPolicy.enabled If true, create & use PodSecurityPolicy resources false
podSecurityPolicy.annotations Specify pod annotations in the pod security policy {}
securityContext.enabled Enable security context true
securityContext.fsGroup Group ID for the container 65534
securityContext.runAsUser User ID for the container 65534
priorityClassName Name of Priority Class to assign pods nil
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment {}
affinity Affinity settings for pod assignment {}
tolerations Tolerations for pod assignment []
podAnnotations Annotations to be added to the pod {}
resources kube-state-metrics resource requests and limits {}
collectors.certificatesigningrequests Enable the certificatesigningrequests collector. true
collectors.configmaps Enable the configmaps collector. true
collectors.cronjobs Enable the cronjobs collector. true
collectors.daemonsets Enable the daemonsets collector. true
collectors.deployments Enable the deployments collector. true
collectors.endpoints Enable the endpoints collector. true
collectors.horizontalpodautoscalers Enable the horizontalpodautoscalers collector. true
collectors.ingresses Enable the ingresses collector. true Enable the jobs collector. true
collectors.limitranges Enable the limitranges collector. true
collectors.namespaces Enable the namespaces collector. true
collectors.nodes Enable the nodes collector. true
collectors.persistentvolumeclaims Enable the persistentvolumeclaims collector. true
collectors.persistentvolumes Enable the persistentvolumes collector. true
collectors.poddisruptionbudgets Enable the poddisruptionbudgets collector. true
collectors.pods Enable the pods collector. true
collectors.replicasets Enable the replicasets collector. true
collectors.replicationcontrollers Enable the replicationcontrollers collector. true
collectors.resourcequotas Enable the resourcequotas collector. true
collectors.secrets Enable the secrets collector. true Enable the services collector. true
collectors.statefulsets Enable the statefulsets collector. true
collectors.storageclasses Enable the storageclasses collector. true
collectors.verticalpodautoscalers Enable the verticalpodautoscalers collector. false
prometheus.monitor.enabled Set this to true to create ServiceMonitor for Prometheus operator false
prometheus.monitor.additionalLabels Additional labels that can be used so ServiceMonitor will be discovered by Prometheus {}
prometheus.monitor.namespace Namespace where servicemonitor resource should be created the same namespace as kube-state-metrics
prometheus.monitor.honorLabels Honor metric labels false
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