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Helm Governance

The Helm governance details areas such as:

  • Maintainer responsibilities
  • Types of maintainers (Org and Project)
  • How elections occur
  • Decision making
  • Code of Conduct handling

For the full detail on the Helm governance see the document

The Helm Org Maintainers are documented in the community repo Maintainers file.


The Helm governance refers to projects for the Helm project. The following Helm projects currently exist:

  • Helm Core: The Helm CLI and packages
  • Charts: Responsible for the charts repo, related chart tooling (e.g., chart testing), and distributed chart search (the hub)
  • Monocular: The chart repository web UI
  • ChartMuseum: The chart repository server
  • Web and Docs: The Helm websites other than the hub distributed search

All other repositories are either archived or owned by the org maintainers.

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