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This is where you'll find all of the assets that make up, the website for the Helm project. If you'll looking to edit docs, report a website bug or write a new blog post, you've come to the right place!

Development is a simple Hugo static site, built with a custom theme. To run the website locally, you'll need to first install Hugo and any dependencies.

brew install hugo
yarn install

You can then compile and run the site locally:

hugo serve

Deployment Netlify Status

Changes are automatically deployed to Netlify when merged to master. Build logs can be found here.


Anyone can submit a PR to edit We require commits be signed - please refer to the contributing guide.

Pull requests require maintainer approval before merge.

How to Edit The Helm Docs

Since the release of Helm 3, all project documentation is located in this repo under content/docs/.

For earlier versions, see the dev-v2 branch of the main Helm repo here.

How to Write a Blog Post

Blog posts are created via pull requests. The following steps are used to add them:

  1. Add a new file to the content/blog/ directory whose name is the published date and the title. The files must be markdown formatted. See the existing titles for examples of the format
  2. Add the header meta-data to the file using this format (note the permalink structure). Recommended but optional fields are authorname which should be name(s); these are displayed verbatim. authorlink is the link used by authorname.
title: "A Fancy Title"
slug: "fancy-title"
authorname: "Captain Awesome"
authorlink: ""
date: "yyyy-mm-dd"
  1. Add the content below the --- as Markdown. The title does not need to be included in this section
  2. Any images should be placed in the /img/blog/ directory. Images should be losslessly compressed to reduce their size. Tools, such as ImageOptim, can be used.
  3. To summarize the content on the blog index page, insert a <!--more--> break in your markdown. This will truncate the content with a Read More link.

Blog PRs require approval from the core Helm maintainers before merge.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Helm community is governed by the Helm Code of Conduct.

Thank You!

We appreciate your contributions to our website and our documentation! 👏

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