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helm init

initialize Helm on both client and server


This command installs Tiller (the Helm server-side component) onto your Kubernetes Cluster and sets up local configuration in $HELM_HOME (default ~/.helm/).

As with the rest of the Helm commands, 'helm init' discovers Kubernetes clusters by reading $KUBECONFIG (default '~/.kube/config') and using the default context.

To set up just a local environment, use '--client-only'. That will configure $HELM_HOME, but not attempt to connect to a Kubernetes cluster and install the Tiller deployment.

When installing Tiller, 'helm init' will attempt to install the latest released version. You can specify an alternative image with '--tiller-image'. For those frequently working on the latest code, the flag '--canary-image' will install the latest pre-release version of Tiller (e.g. the HEAD commit in the GitHub repository on the master branch).

To dump a manifest containing the Tiller deployment YAML, combine the '--dry-run' and '--debug' flags.

helm init [flags]


      --automount-service-account-token   auto-mount the given service account to tiller (default true)
      --canary-image                      use the canary Tiller image
  -c, --client-only                       if set does not install Tiller
      --dry-run                           do not install local or remote
      --force-upgrade                     force upgrade of Tiller to the current helm version
  -h, --help                              help for init
      --history-max int                   limit the maximum number of revisions saved per release. Use 0 for no limit.
      --local-repo-url string             URL for local repository (default "")
      --net-host                          install Tiller with net=host
      --node-selectors string             labels to specify the node on which Tiller is installed (app=tiller,helm=rocks)
  -o, --output OutputFormat               skip installation and output Tiller's manifest in specified format (json or yaml)
      --override stringArray              override values for the Tiller Deployment manifest (can specify multiple or separate values with commas: key1=val1,key2=val2)
      --replicas int                      amount of tiller instances to run on the cluster (default 1)
      --service-account string            name of service account
      --skip-refresh                      do not refresh (download) the local repository cache
      --stable-repo-url string            URL for stable repository (default "")
  -i, --tiller-image string               override Tiller image
      --tiller-tls                        install Tiller with TLS enabled
      --tiller-tls-cert string            path to TLS certificate file to install with Tiller
      --tiller-tls-hostname string        the server name used to verify the hostname on the returned certificates from Tiller
      --tiller-tls-key string             path to TLS key file to install with Tiller
      --tiller-tls-verify                 install Tiller with TLS enabled and to verify remote certificates
      --tls-ca-cert string                path to CA root certificate
      --upgrade                           upgrade if Tiller is already installed
      --wait                              block until Tiller is running and ready to receive requests

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug                           enable verbose output
      --home string                     location of your Helm config. Overrides $HELM_HOME (default "~/.helm")
      --host string                     address of Tiller. Overrides $HELM_HOST
      --kube-context string             name of the kubeconfig context to use
      --kubeconfig string               absolute path to the kubeconfig file to use
      --tiller-connection-timeout int   the duration (in seconds) Helm will wait to establish a connection to tiller (default 300)
      --tiller-namespace string         namespace of Tiller (default "kube-system")


  • helm - The Helm package manager for Kubernetes.
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