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Renaming Issue Templates correctly and adding a pull request template

Signed-off-by: tariqibrahim <>
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tariq1890 committed Dec 5, 2018
1 parent 158d6db commit ff35ab8626ffa5caf0a0a92477476d070e822131
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<!-- Thanks for sending a pull request! Here are some tips for you:
1. Make sure to read the Contributing Guide before submitting your PR:
2. If this PR closes another issue, add 'closes #<issue number>' somewhere in the PR summary. GitHub will automatically close that issue when this PR gets merged. Alternatively, adding 'refs #<issue number>' will not close the issue, but help provide the reviewer more context.-->

**What this PR does / why we need it**:

**Special notes for your reviewer**:

**If applicable**:
- [ ] this PR contains documentation
- [ ] this PR contains unit tests
- [ ] this PR has been tested for backwards compatibility

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