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We first introduced Helm at KubeCon 2015. After a full year of development, we’re ecstatic to be releasing Helm 2.0.0. Helm is a the package manager for Kubernetes, designed to help teams collaborate on packaging, releasing, and managing applications in Kubernetes. We are excited to announce that this version of Helm has reached feature completion, and is stable for production use. 🎆

In one year, Helm has over 2,200 commits from almost 70 contributors. Numbers like that illustrate why we ❤️ the Kubernetes community. Thank you all for filing issues, chatting in Slack, submitting PRs, and contributing to the welcoming atmosphere of this project.

As we launch this release, the Helm chart repository has over two dozen charts, and we're eager to expand that catalog. Contributing charts is one of the many ways you can join in. Here are some other ways:

Notable Changes Since 2.0.0-RC.2

Since RC.2, only minor changes have been made. Of those, a few are notable:

  • The limit on release name length has gone from 14 characters to 53 characters. For Kubernetes 1.3, users may want to manually set release names to avoid auto-generated names that are too long.
  • Release upgrades now correctly remove fields deleted on manifests.
  • Log entries for Tiller now show the source file from which the log message was generated.
  • With helm install --dry-run --debug, YAML parse errors will now display the YAML data.

Installing and Updating

Helm binaries:

The Quickstart Guide will get you going from there. For detailed instructions, check the install guide. You can also use a script to install on any system with bash.

What Next?

The 2.0.0 will be followed by a series of patch releases (2.0.x). We are also beginning on the next feature release (2.1.0). In GitHub, this is represented by the branching of the repository:

---v2.0.0 --- (master) --- v2.1.x
         \--- (v2.0.x) --- v2.0.1
  • The 2.0.x branch will contain patches to the 2.0.0 release. The next release on that branch will be 2.0.1. No new features will be introduced on the 2.0.x branch, and the API will remain unchanged.
  • The master branch will house continued feature development. The next release on that branch will be 2.1.0. New features will be added, but no features will be removed.

All Changes Since 2.0.0-RC.2

fix(tiller): allow release name to be up to 53 chars 9effe7a
fix(kube): fix incomplete patches generated on update df12386
docs(yaml_techniques): add YAML techniques document 3fb2feb
use openssl instead of shasum 1f17788
fix(helm): respect dryRun opt in DeleteRelease 8a13be2
feat(tiller): add source file to log entries 8740d3e
feat(gometalinter): Move to versioned releases d2fa039
fix(tls): download helm and charts over https da73150
fix(tiller): return yaml parsing errors e2ab407
fix(tiller): show failed YAML 6eabe28
feat(charts): Move bucket to domain from path 7a79661
fix(helm): helm create will not overwrite existing files 0a163a2
fix(helm): replace repo entry instead of duplicating c616bb5
docs(tiller): add docblocks to public methods 8f9b9db
docs(install_faq): add more info on socat on CoreOS 13404eb
fix(*): fix new linter errors d59f66f
fix(scripts): increase deadline for linter cf965e2
docs(install): fix deployment name in tiller delete command 9c74dae
fix(1516): use correct value reference in boilerplate NOTES.txt b3d45ae
docs(chart_template_guide): fix spacing 8857d12