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@thomastaylor312 thomastaylor312 released this Dec 7, 2018 · 419 commits to master since this release

Helm v2.12.0 is a feature release. This release, we focused on stability with a few small features. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack:
    • #helm-users for questions and just to hang out
    • #helm-dev for discussing PRs, code, and bugs
  • Hang out at the Public Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug, and contribute charts: GitHub/helm/charts

Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm 2.12. The common platform binaries are here:

Once you have the client installed, upgrade Tiller with helm init --upgrade.

The Quickstart Guide will get you going from there. For upgrade instructions or detailed installation notes, check the install guide. You can also use a script to install on any system with bash.

What's Next

  • v2.12.1 will contain only bug fixes.
  • v2.13.0 is the next feature release.


  • Return empty string instead of nil when linting on required (#4748) d325d2a (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson)
  • ref(kube): Gets rid of superfluous Sprintf call 3071a16 (Taylor Thomas)
  • fix(helm): Fix linebreaks when printing custom resources 7247537 (Morten Torkildsen)
  • fix(helm): Print details for pod resource b536c8d (Morten Torkildsen)
  • bump version to v2.12 6575579 (Matthew Fisher)
  • Update messaging in value parsing to improve traceability (#4974) 58be8e4 (Martin Hickey)
  • fix(helm): Allow custom resources in hooks (#4986) 55a3385 (Morten Torkildsen)
  • Fix for existing CRDs are deleted when crd-install hook is introduced (#4709) e2a0e7f (Michael Merrill)
  • avoid kubernetes import for slice contains logic (#4963) c095b92 (Tariq Ibrahim)
  • fix(storage): when pruning release versions, never delete the last deployed revision 5bf38a2 (Matt Tucker)
  • Allow missing trailing '/' in --repo url (#4956) 75b4afa (Luke Hoban)
  • Update chart doc with details about the license file (#4977) 5584e5c (Martin Hickey)
  • docs: add documentation for the helmignore file (#4966) ea158a6 (Ishaan Malhi)
  • Error message if anyone try to create multiple helm chart at a time (#4952) 865c1d3 (Abu Hanifa)
  • Fix doc charts indent (#4940) 8fcefd7 (Jintao Zhang)
  • Adding link labels to doc links for more conspicuity (#4904) c18d772 (Tariq Ibrahim)
  • fix(windows): fix unit tests on Windows (#4897) 97465ab (Matthew Fisher)
  • chore(deps): update cobra to latest (#4913) d3357fa (Geoff Baskwill)
  • Update (#4948) 403af2c (René Filip)
  • docs: use nindent in documentation examples (#4905) 560b84d (Geoff Baskwill)
  • Securing tiller via running it locally. (#4869) 5df2c58 (Joshua Olson)
  • fix(helm): --set for out of order list values (#4682) e237931 (Dan Winter)
  • fix(docs): run make docs (#4924) 3a8a797 (Matthew Fisher)
  • Helm code of conduct (#4901) 46e66d4 (Scott Rigby)
  • fix(helm): Non-zero exit code on failed chart repository update (#4348) f6b1189 (Lev Aminov)
  • fix(tiller): rollback deleted release (#3722) (#4820) 9ae00be (Brent)
  • fix(helm): Merge nested values correctly on upgrade (#4806) 82d01cb (Morten Torkildsen)
  • add appveyor for testing on Windows (#4136) a276bd8 (Matthew Fisher)
  • s,kubernetes/charts,helm/charts,g (#4889) 9dce1ac (Matthew Fisher)
  • note on prefixing of resource names with release name (#4633) 00109db (Ryan Dawson)
  • related docs - remove import, export, add backup and plugin-utils instead (#4867) c911f6a (Maor Friedman)
  • include the name of the missing object in release uninstall error (#4635) 57d1c1f (adshmh)
  • Reform indentation practices using nindent (#4562) eb96576 (Erik Sundell)
  • fix:#4873, check release name (#4883) d41ca72 (liaoj)
  • fix(helm): fix incorrect yaml output format of get hooks command (#4684) 1801fa0 (adshmh)
  • make get script sudo optional (#4677) 40ef9c0 (Rimas Mocevicius)
  • Document the _proto directory (#4756) ace30b8 (Timothy Hobbs)
  • fix snap install command (#4877) 833ee71 (Mike Garuccio)
  • Full path to mysubchart file (#4882) f737710 (Dr Nic Williams)
  • fix(engine): Fix template rendering thread safety issue (#4828) 6635bff (Sean Eagan)
  • Small typo fix (#4887) 4a49abb (Daniel M Barlow)
  • add special note for RBAC users (#4597) c60abb4 (Matthew Fisher)
  • docs(release_checklist): fix changelog generation command (#4694) 8442851 (Matthew Fisher)
  • add s390x architecture to the release notes (#4741) d18fa43 (Matthew Fisher)
  • ref(kube): use external api types where possible fb0e03e (Adam Reese)
  • Remove executable bits from chartutil generated files (#4839) 662fd4f (Zachary Seguin)
  • test(tiller): cover crash fixed by #4630 (#4853) 0522b34 (Matt Rasmus)
  • bump version to v2.11 (#4700) e37dcf4 (Matthew Fisher)
  • Add plugins and tools to docs (#4861) 6452e90 (Maor Friedman)
  • Remove newline at the start of zsh completion file (#4851) 1ebbd69 (Bartel Sielski)
  • Fix cmd/helm use tillerTunnel values (#4777) 440e79f (masahiro)
  • Missing the batch permission in one of the example (#4829) 48ca44b (Louis-Etienne)
  • Update to remove mention of CLA (#4804) 77924fe (Marc Khouzam)
  • fix(helm): Use line breaks consistently in status output 586dc1d (Morten Torkildsen)
  • UPT: tutorial (#4808) eff9099 (Alpha)
  • fix(helm): Update status output to include resource details (#4791) dd9ed71 (Morten Torkildsen)
  • Update bf463ca (JJ Asghar)
  • Fix reference to wordpress (#4803) ea5d2bb (Marc Khouzam)
  • Grammar fix (#4801) d8f38e5 (mgresser)
  • Add test template example for helm create (#4524) f6efe2f (Martin Hickey)
  • feat(helm): add $HELM_KEY_PASSPHRASE environment variable for signing helm charts (#4778) 1e26b53 (Anumita Shenoy)
  • Add Helm convert plugin (#4766) 8061227 (Etienne)
  • update from v1beta1 to v1 (#4771) 5e7548f (Thomas Yuan)
  • fix(tiller): correctly sort PodDisruptionBudget objects before pods that might use them (#4769) 147c821 (Matt Tucker)
  • The nil check before the range loop is redundant 5267c0d (Rijnard van Tonder)
  • Fix Slack channel references (#4752) e7d93f2 (Martin Hickey)
  • Update circleCI badge to more consistent shield. c23b636 (Ryan Smith)
  • Add the .vscode folder to the .helmignore file 6f12ab2 (Florian Rusch)
  • ref(*): kubernetes v1.12 support dbf84cd (Adam Reese)
  • feat(helm): use apps/v1 as deployment apiVersion (#4725) 2ef61fd (adshmh)
  • docs(provenance): update explanation of new GnuPG format (#4710) 597c4fb (Matt Butcher)
  • Don't assume that the returned error from the storage driver isn't nil (#3625) (#4627) 12ace31 (Colin Panisset)
  • fix(helm): fix paths in the ingress template and values file written by helm create 1a54463 (Arash Deshmeh)
  • fix(helm): fix regression with TLS flags/environment variables not being parsed (#4657) 8be42ba (Matthew Fisher)
  • Fix credentials not set for ResolveChartVersion default HTTP client (#4662) fbda50a (Caleb Delnay)
  • fix(helm): fix selector typo in service template for 'helm create' (#4663) 4dd9047 (Qiang Li)
  • Install tiller as well if it exists (#4648) b7ea1c6 (Yuya Takeyama)
  • Add --no-sudo option (#4649) 1832d52 (Yuya Takeyama)
  • Make ping() request a specific image. Add a getTillerPodImage method. (#4622) 7b821dd (Louis Munro)
  • Check for err before working with newRelease. (#4630) e868da1 (Steve Wolter)
  • fix merge conflicts/linter errors (#4653) a297a0a (Matthew Fisher)
  • chore: update Sprig to 2.16 (#4652) 5a38e8f (Matt Butcher)
  • change kubernetes to helm in docs and yaml files when refer the repository (#4640) 71ba25a (Carlos Tadeu Panato Junior)
  • test and build with golang 1.11 (#4637) 0029708 (Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson)
  • Clearer wording when using pipelines 9199481 (Nenad Stojanovikj)
  • Fix type in Values File (#4629) 5211bfa (Pratyush Verma)
  • feat(helm): output option for helm get values command, allow json and yaml formats (#4596) b4b693c (adshmh)
  • Fix race condition in helm list (#4620) 5b23632 (Matthew Fisher)
  • Fix for checking helm version slice bounds out of range (#4609) 2b33bf6 (Robert James Hernandez)
  • 4611 - Remove deadlink to (#4613) ba260dc (Thomas Garlot)
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