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@bacongobbler bacongobbler released this Jul 23, 2019 · 900 commits to master since this release

Helm v3.0.0-alpha.2 is the second alpha release for Helm 3. This release, we looked closely at the internal architecture of Helm, making it easier to work with while continuing to introduce new features opened up by these refactors.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been participating in finding issues, triaging, testing, and contributing fixes to the first alpha release.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack:
    • #helm-users for questions and just to hang out
    • #helm-dev for discussing PRs, code, and bugs
  • Hang out at the Public Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug, and contribute charts: GitHub/helm/charts

Notable Features and Fixes

  • the docs folder has now been moved to the helm-www project, under the dev-v3-docs branch
  • bumped Kubernetes client packages to v1.15
  • the --wait flag's functionality has been refactored and restored, and now includes better support for DaemonSets and StatefulSets!
  • Ported helm upgrade --atomic over from Helm 2
  • the version of Go that Helm was compiled against is now part of helm version's output
  • Fixed an issue where resources that defined their own namespace could not be be installed
  • Fixed an issue where the Kubernetes client was being created before Helm's CLI flags were parsed

A Quick Update on Release Timelines

With the removal of Tiller, many users have asked for an accelerated timeline for a Helm 3.0.0 final release. Originally, our plan was to implement many (or at least the ones that were feasible) of the proposals laid out in the helm/community repository before releasing Helm 3.

After evaluating the proposals, we discovered that our timeline for a Helm 3.0.0 final release would be much longer than originally anticipated.

As maintainers, our focus has shifted to ensure that the Helm community can implement the features proposed for Helm 3 after the release is out without breaking backwards compatibility. We're refactoring the internal architecture now to accommodate these enhancements to Helm in future releases. Core re-architectures like the removal of Tiller, improvements to helm upgrade's update logic, changes to helm test, experimental OCI integration and the Chart.yaml's apiVersion bump are all part of a minimum set of enhancements required to ship Helm 3, so we're focusing on getting those out the door before we release Helm 3.

Getting Started

Before testing Helm 3, please make sure to either set $HELM_HOME to an alternative location so your existing $HELM_HOME for Helm 2 is not re-used or destroyed. We recommend setting $HELM_HOME to /tmp/helm3 (or your OS-equivalent location) while testing Helm 3.

Please feel free to reach out on #helm-dev if you have any questions about the alpha release, and if you find any missing information in the docs, we'd highly appreciate a pull request! ❤️

What's Next

The next release, 3.0.0-beta.1, marks the last major feature release before we focus on stability. For example, you can expect to see improvements to Helm's resource update logic and an apiVersion bump in Chart.yaml.

After 3.0.0-beta.1, the Helm team will focus on closing bugs, fixing regressions and improving stability as we sail toward a Helm 3.0.0 final release.

Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm 3.0.0-alpha.2. The common platform binaries are here:

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