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@adamreese adamreese released this Sep 5, 2019 · 916 commits to master since this release

Helm v3.0.0-beta.3 is the third beta release for Helm 3.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been participating in finding issues, triaging, testing, and contributing fixes to the first beta release.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack:
    • #helm-users for questions and just to hang out
    • #helm-dev for discussing PRs, code, and bugs
  • Hang out at the Public Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug, and contribute charts: GitHub/helm/charts


  • fix(pkg/cli): do not override users xdg directories b478848 (Adam Reese)
  • Unifity environment variable naming and use 1ea53d8 (Matt Farina)
  • Displaying environment variables in alphanum order for env cmd 9191d10 (Matt Farina)
  • Remove ability to have duplicates in environment variables 378b9dd (Matt Farina)
  • fix: clear the discovery cache after CRDs are installed (#6332) 0f332b6 (Matt Butcher)
  • ref(pkg/engine): cleanup of development hack 4fcc876 (Adam Reese)
  • Poposal: Hook to run acceptance tests (#6256) 6cc1bd2 (Marc Khouzam)
  • fix BusyBox sed (#6340) 98a6fc5 (Anton)
  • Distinct doc strings for repository-cache and repository-config cd42b26 (Ivan Towlson)
  • doc(cli): restore help text for helm configuration cdcb807 (Marc Khouzam)
  • docs: Add best practices compliance badge (#6320) 5bf7ca6 (Matt Butcher)
  • Move the logic for checking env in pkg/cli and store all envs in a central place 66b037f (Vibhav Bobade)
  • Updated to get Helm env Paths and XDG env paths only 586780d (Vibhav Bobade)
  • Logic for the helm env command 0cc1d31 (Vibhav Bobade)
  • helm-v3: Dynamic completion for "helm repo" and "helm plugin" (#6263) 2aa4a6b (Marc Khouzam)
  • Make the lint cmd output a bit easier to follow d911c4a (Thomas O'Donnell)
  • return namespace assigned to --namespace 342f3c7 (Ashley Schuett)
  • Stop multiple error messages in lint results e5668f5 (Thomas O'Donnell)
  • Applied check to actions d00e328 (Vibhav Bobade)
  • Add IsReachable to /pkg/kube/client to see if connected to the internet 5a07055 (Vibhav Bobade)

Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm 3.0.0-beta.3. The common platform binaries are here:

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