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Helm v3.6.0

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@mattfarina mattfarina released this 27 May 15:09
· 17 commits to release-3.6 since this release

Helm v3.6.0 is a feature release. Users are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.

The community keeps growing, and we'd love to see you there!

  • Join the discussion in Kubernetes Slack:
    • for questions and just to hang out
    • for discussing PRs, code, and bugs
  • Hang out at the Public Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom
  • Test, debug, and contribute charts: ArtifactHub/packages

Notable Changes

  • Apple silicon support
  • Continued OCI changes as the experiment is refined
  • Improved auto-completion
  • Helm create ingress updates

Installation and Upgrading

Download Helm v3.6.0. The common platform binaries are here:

This release was signed with 672C 657B E06B 4B30 969C 4A57 4614 49C2 5E36 B98E and can be found at @mattfarina keybase account. Please use the attached signatures for verifying this release using gpg.

The Quickstart Guide will get you going from there. For upgrade instructions or detailed installation notes, check the install guide. You can also use a script to install on any system with bash.

What's Next

  • 3.6.1 will contain only bug fixes and is planned for release on July 14, 2021
  • 3.7.0 is the next feature release and will be released on September 8, 2021.


  • bump version to v3.6.0 7f2df64 (Matt Farina)
  • chore: update testdata to use the new ingress template d5b4e1c (Mark Sagi-Kazar)
  • feat: add support to ingress template 6d9e15b (Mark Sagi-Kazar)
  • Moving myself to maintainer emeritus 637a11d (Taylor Thomas)
  • upgrade to kubernetes 1.21 257a427 (shoubhik)
  • Fix capabilities changes leaking into other tests 0156ca6 (Thomas Dy)
  • Add tests for template --kube-version 538670f (Thomas Dy)
  • feat(helm): Support setting --kube-version 47c8f48 (Thomas Dy)
  • fix(ci) update ci to use main branch db2aa1a (Adam Reese)
  • Update references to default branch name as it has changed to main 734f93b (Martin Hickey)
  • Add ReadyChecker to decouple ready check logic from --wait 98d9836 (Joe Lanford)
  • chore(deps): Bump from v0.10.0 to v0.11.1 and drop replace f94e5bd (Morlay)
  • Add/update deprecation notices c50372a (Simon Croome)
  • Wrap validation error instead of recreating 6c82c83 (Simon Croome)
  • Move default to avoid nil check 54de1c1 (Simon Croome)
  • Add name validation rules for object kinds ba325bd (Simon Croome)
  • Improve description for version flag. 171321b (Daniel Petró)
  • chore: Spelling (#9410) 2bf8fdf (Josh Soref)
  • chore(deps): Bump from 2.5.0 to 2.8.0 113c8d9 (dependabot[bot])
  • chore(deps): Bump from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 f3ccaca (dependabot[bot])
  • chore(deps): Bump from 1.9.0 to 1.10.0 56453f6 (dependabot[bot])
  • Bump from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 60c399d (dependabot[bot])
  • Cleanup mpodule dependencies 4d39d47 (Martin Hickey)
  • feat(comp): Uninstall accepts multiple releases 8854547 (Marc Khouzam)
  • new key for technosophos (#9478) 543364f (Matt Butcher)
  • chore(deps): Bump from 1.7.0 to 1.8.1 4096cfb (dependabot[bot])
  • add flag trimpath in the go build command 03eec30 (pallavJha)
  • stick to 0.20.4 0befcef (Shoubhik Bose)
  • updated unit tests to conform with helm best practices 592c338 (Matthew Luckam)
  • corrected order of helm lint coalescing of multiple values files f402994 (Matthew Luckam)
  • upgrade to v0.21.0-beta.0 44bec19 (Shoubhik Bose)
  • Fix the example for --time-format flag 30f643c (mert)
  • Use kube libraries v0.20.4 1cf1e54 (Shoubhik Bose)
  • Added s390x support to get script 1fc6f65 (Ajay Victor)
  • add test to ensure OCIGetter registryClient is set 1c377f8 (Alex Sears)
  • initialize registry client in oci getter 2d16a81 (Alex Sears)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for output format 593b267 (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for --version comp 4307091 (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for revision comp 9856f05 (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for kube-context comp 7dee24d (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for plugin completion b0d567a (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Add descriptions for release name comp a6b2834 (Marc Khouzam)
  • feat(comp): Improve completion for plugin commands 1f68f65 (Marc Khouzam)
  • fix(cmd): Show that flags can be used for zsh/fish 7b6dcfa (Marc Khouzam)
  • use relative linking abadc54 (Matthew Fisher)
  • formatting b704e84 (Matthew Fisher)
  • more words 6cea284 (Matthew Fisher)
  • keep it concise 2c11412 (Matthew Fisher)
  • docs(CONTRIBUTING): writing a HIP 41707a6 (Matthew Fisher)
  • update test expectation for new template error string f57c01c (Joe Lanford)
  • Add darwin/arm64 (Apple Silicon) support ecdc34c (Joe Lanford)
  • fix windows tests 4f1ab5a (Christian)
  • fix(test): Increase golangci-lint timeout 8d33624 (Marc Khouzam)
  • fix(helm): get/get-helm-3 whitespace support in runAsRoot 7847820 (Michael Musenbrock)
  • fix release sha256 24925c4 (houfangdong)
  • feat(comp): Completion for the docs --type flag 3c4ccad (Marc Khouzam)
  • Bump from 1.2.0 to 1.3.1 74c49d4 (dependabot[bot])
  • Updating golangci-lint to 1.36.0 1cf9589 (Matt Farina)
  • chore(go.mod): bump Masterminds/{spring,goutils} and deislabs/oras 3dbb161 (Adam Reese)
  • fix(*): Validate metadata semver and printable characters 657ce55 (Adam Reese)
  • Bump from 1.0.0 to 1.1.1 bb42865 (dependabot[bot])
  • closes #9312 5441019 (James McElwain)
  • Fix-9253: Change the deprecated charts repo URL in release notes 64e2d59 (Jack Whitter-Jones)
  • Fix helm list --offset cli help string f920023 (Krish)
  • Define GPG_PUBRING to make pubring configurable 03d1f3d (Ma Xinjian)
  • Bump from 1.0.10 to 1.0.11 e8817d7 (dependabot[bot])
  • Bump from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 59791a2 (dependabot[bot])
  • Upgrade to oras v0.9.0 (#9269) 0b2fec0 (Josh Dolitsky)
  • use kube libraries v0.20.2 7e41f70 (Shoubhik Bose)
  • print warning message instead of debug message when ~/.config exists but is not accessible 5cd2a93 (wawa0210)
  • Update default ingress values section to correspond with template 0425678 (Nick Jones)
  • chore(Makefile): add target to generate golden files b4010b7 (Adam Reese)
  • Fix dep build with OCI based charts 1135392 (Matt Farina)
  • Fix typo in comment fee2257 (Guangwen Feng)
  • bump version to 8082f6d (Matt Farina)
  • fix(Makefile): rebuild the binary if go.mod has changed a58209d (Adam Reese)
  • fix(pkg/storage): If storage.Create fails to clean up recent release versions, return an error 00cf10d (Daniel Lipovetsky)
  • test(pkg/storage): Verify that storage.Create returns an error if it fails to clean up least-recent release versions 8c28da6 (Daniel Lipovetsky)
  • Bump from 1.3.4 to 1.4.3 a9e2380 (dependabot[bot])
  • Improve the console output for resource policy keep to align with helm2. 8704053 (Du Zheng)