sample project to use cocoon in deep nested form
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sample project to use cocoon in deep nested form

To setup, run rake db:setup


  1. I have a party model, which can be either a person or an organization (not included here for simplicity so party just has its primary key).

  2. Each party should be able to have multiple postal_addresses, telecommunications_numbers and electronic_addresses.

  3. Each of these could be shared between multiple parties


  • party has many communication_mechanism :through => party_contact_mechanisms

  • party_contact_mechanism belongs_to party and contact_mechanism

  • contact_mechanism has_many electronic_addresses, telecommunications_numbers and postal_addresses (only electronic_addresses is included here.)

(each instance of contact_mechanism should only have either a single electronic_address, postal_address or telecommunications_number. The has_many relationship was chosen for ease of setup for testing and would be changed laster once the nesting works.)

What I want to implement is a nested form, in which I can add multiple contact_mechanisms (either electronic_address, telecommunications_numberorpostal_address) with little clicks as possible. So preferably I would have an email link, n postal link and a phone link in my form forparty. So for email I would have a link to add a dynamic form forelectronic_addresses, wrapped inside a form forcontact_mechanismswrapped in a form forparty_contact_mechanisms. That way all relations would be setup automatically. When I use that setup (the Email button in parties#new), the following params_hash is submitted, failing to create anelectronic_addresslinked to acontact_mechanism, linked to aparty_contact_mechanism. The creation chain breaks already atparty_contact_mechanim, which is created with aparty_idbut without acontact_mechanism_id. no records forcontact_mechanismorelectronic_address` are created.

The second, less preferred way to implement my plan is following the cocoon wiki example for belongs_to relations ( and can be tested using the "PCM" button. With this approach one would click first to add a party_contact_mechanism, then select an existing contact_mechanism or click again to create a new contact_mechanism. the form for contact_mechanism does have a nested form for electronic_addresses to input the email address. Using different links to different partials, one could nest forms for the other two models accordingly.

But the link for adding the nested form for contact_mechanisms does not show.