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@@ -16,17 +16,14 @@
- Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
+ Welcome,
- Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse am web<span class="webnow_blue">now</span> Newsletter. Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihr
- Abonnment des Newsletters, indem Sie auf den unten stehenden Link klicken, oder aber den volltändigen URL in Ihren
- Webbrowser kopieren:
+ Some text here how great this newsletter letter is...
= link_to t('confirm_subscription'), activate_subscription_newsletter_subscription_url(@subscriber.token)
- Sollten Sie sich nicht für den web<span class="webnow_blue">now</span> Newsletter angemeldet haben,
- dann betrachten Sie diese E-Mail bitte als gegenstandslos. Sie werden keiner weiteren E-Mails von uns erhalten.
+ Some more text e.g., to let them know to ignore this email in case they have not voluntarily signed up for the newsletter.
@@ -2,9 +2,11 @@
Simple newsletters engine for [Refinery CMS]( It does support campaigns, unsubscribe and simple statistic.
It is based on the refinerycms-newsletters engine by paxer (
-In this engine the newsltter subscribers are not system users.
+However this engine the newsletter subscribers are not system users but are stored in a dedicated table and can be managed
+in the refinerycms admin section separately..
-It uses a background mailing system so it should easily cope with larger numbers of subscribers.
+It does not use a background mailing system so it might have difficulties coping with larger numbers of subscribers (untested).
+Use a local sendmail installation on your production server, or out-source the sending of newsletter to a background service.
Refinery CMS Newsletters supports Rails 3.0.x (tested on 3.1.10)
@@ -13,23 +15,26 @@ Options:
## Requirements
-Refinery CMS version 1.0.x or above.
+Refinery CMS version 1.0.x or above, tested with refinerycms 1.0.8.
+the HAMl gem since some views are in haml.
## Installation
-Edit your ``Gemfile`` and add the follwoing line at the bottom of the file:
+Edit your ``Gemfile`` and add the following lines at the bottom of the file:
gem 'refinerycms-newsletters', '~>1.0', ':git => 'git://'
+ gem 'haml'
or clone the engine in your ``Rails.root/vendor/engine`` directory:
git clone git://
-and add the following line to the bottom of your ``Gemfile`` instead:
+and add the following lines to the bottom of your ``Gemfile`` instead:
gem 'refinerycms-newsletters', '~>1.0', :path => 'vendor/engines'
+ gem 'haml'
-After including the new engine, run ``bundle install``
+After including the new engine and the haml gem, run ``bundle install``
In order to install the newsletters plugin into your existing refinerycms application run:
@@ -39,4 +44,25 @@ Last but not least migrate your database:
rake db:migrate
+This will create all the necessary tables and initial refinerycms pages in English and German.
+## Use
+To subscribe to the newsletter service, link to the sign-up form:
+ /newsletter_subscription
+Edit the Rails.root/vendor/engines/newsletter/app/mailers/newsletter_subscription_mailer.rb file
+to make required changes, like changing the :from email address. that is used to send the activation email.
+User have to click the activation link provided to them in the email. The security token in the link will
+authorize the subscriber and activate the subscription.
+User can unsubscribe using the following link which you could include in every newsletter.
+ # add some basic content for new pages
+ # add unsubscribe form to allow users to provide their email address for un-subscription.
+ # convert al views to haml
+ # add rspec tests

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