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chartify converts anything to a Helm chart and modifies a chart in-place so that you don't need to fork an upstream helm chart only for a few custom requirements.

chartify is a Go library that is primarily used by helmfile to let it convert Kuberntes resource YAMLs or kustomize into a helm chart, and apply various modifications to the resulting chart.

chartify is intended to be run immediately before running helm upgrade --install. For example, instead of forking a helm chart, you should be able to prepend a chartify step into your deployment job in your CD pipeline. chartify isn't intended to create a fork of a chart. The output of chartify is a helm chart that is pre-rendered with all the helm values provided to chartify.


Beyond it's usage with helmfile, it also provides a basic CLI application that can be run independently.

The simplest usage of the command is:


See chartify -h or go run ./cmd/chartify -h for more information.