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Re-indent "options for" lines in OPTS_SPEC

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1 parent 0c41f92 commit ff0c9d84015e9db1a13f6c7d3d99384f44d475df @helmo committed Mar 30, 2012
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@@ -25,15 +25,15 @@ q quiet
d show debug messages
P,prefix= the name of the subdir to split out
m,message= use the given message as the commit message for the merge commit
-options for 'split'
+ options for 'split'
annotate= add a prefix to commit message of new commits
b,branch= create a new branch from the split subtree
ignore-joins ignore prior --rejoin commits
onto= try connecting new tree to an existing one
rejoin merge the new branch back into HEAD
-options for 'push'
+ options for 'push'
f,force use force push
-options for 'add', 'merge', 'pull' and 'push'
+ options for 'add', 'merge', 'pull' and 'push'
squash merge subtree changes as a single commit
eval "$(echo "$OPTS_SPEC" | git rev-parse --parseopt -- "$@" || echo exit $?)"

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