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I suggest changing the last sed when getting the cpu temperature to get rid of a .x temps. So it would be:

sensors -f | grep 'Core 0' | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/+//' | sed 's/..//g'

instead of s/.0//g at the end.


I'll add this to the list. We've played with this several times before, with every attempt having some kind of shortfall.


I have fixed this in the last commit, check out. ( at least worked for me)


Testing here is a little harder, lm-sensors/coretemp never worked right. For example it has just gone 28 to 6 in a second, but hey at least it's not negative today.

The only issue I'm seeing at the moment is the lack of oC or oF.


Hmm, I don't think that is right. Looks like the sed got changed to :

sed 's/.0.*//'

which says to match any a string that is any character followed by a zero, followed by all the rest of the characters.


See what I mean, always some small technicality :p


Currently I'm trying out

sed 's/.[0-9]//g'

This should match any '.' and any following numbers only, leaving the temperature units in place. Please test it as my laptop isn't correctly supported by lmsensors. Either that or my cooling system is ridiculously good inside (4oC now, -2 on boot)

Only issue is it breaks alignment

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