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Default mode weather icon #27

android-808 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Discussed prevously in #13. I have split it off into a seperate issue as it was a bit off topic.

I have a working weather icon implementation using original ConkyWeather.ttf, haven't tried the previously shipped OTF yet, and a small modification to my bash script I posted earlier. Only drawback so far is its a bit thin. After I have tested it a bit more (need to wait for bloody English weather to change!), I'll upload it to my repo. Might even try out branch feature to avoid problem of Pull Request submitting the stuff I'm working on when I submit a fix.


I'm just thinking in create a new font called conkycolor wich i will group some of the fonts that i made (poky font has some of my own ideas, i should restore the default poky font) with some other fonts.
With this we can throw away some fonts that i only use 1 char.


would make it easier. especially if they are sorted so i can use char = offset+yahoo code. Its now raining here, but I'm at work so can't test it. I'll post what I have later, its real easy to change if needed.

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