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android-808 commented Nov 28, 2012

This is a feature I'd originally planned for my GUI project, but I feel it may be better integrated into the main application.

When a user updated there version of conky-colors, they are required to regenerate the conkyrc file to integrate any fixes or font changes. This requires the user to remember all options parsed to the executable. I would like to propose an extra section at the end of options.c or somewhere similar that outputs the command line argument to a shell script contained within the ~/.conkycolors directory. On updating conky-colors, this file would just need to be executed.


helmuthdu commented Nov 28, 2012

i think we can store the argv[], then print it later, not a big deal. I will try this tomorow at work.


android-808 commented Nov 29, 2012

yeah, that'll do. just a simple file with #!/bin/sh followed by conky-colors ... Either that or just output options in to a file so you can run: cat optionsfile | conkycolors.

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