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CONKY-colors is an easier way to configure Conky

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Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop.

CONKY-colors is an easier way to configure Conky.

This conky script support multilanguage:
Bulgarian, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian

How to install
Go to a terminal and type:
$sudo apt-get install aptitude python-statgrab python-keyring ttf-ubuntu-font-family hddtemp curl lm-sensors conky-all
$sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp
$sudo sensors-detect #answering Yes (default) to all questions, even that last one that defaults to No

Now restart your session

Download and extract the conky-colors.tar.gz and type in terminal in the same directory that has been extracted.
$sudo make install
$conky-colors {options}

Ex: if your cpu is quad-core and you want the noble color, with hd, network and pidgin monitor and all in portuguese
conky-colors --theme=noble --lang=en --cpu=4 --network --hd=default --pidgin

For a working weather script you NEED to define, in a user specific config file, a partner id and registration code for the xoap service. For this purpose copy .conkyForecast.config in /usr/share/conkycolors folder to your home and setup as required.

bbcweather/yahooweather widget don't need any kind of registration

For a working photo widget you need to specify a file or directory in conkyPhoto or conkyPhotoRandom script in ~/.conkycolors/bin/

Update your font cache:
$sudo fc-cache -v -f

+++ SCRIPTS +++
In follow links you will find instructions about how to use those scripts:
Conky Weather Script:
Conky SSL Mail Script:
Conky Pidgin Script:
Conky Rhythmbox Script:
Conky Banshee Script:
Conky Exaile Script:

in terminal type conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc.

To run conky at startup, go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications, click "Add" and add the path to the conkyStart file[/usr/share/conkycolors/bin/conkyStart]

Have Fun!
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