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Ruby Library for the World of Warcraft Armory
Wowr is an API for accessing data in the World of Warcraft Armory. Using the XML data provided by the armory, it allows developers to query World of Warcraft items, characters, guilds and arena teams. It is designed to support developers that wish to add WoW information to their Ruby-powered site, as well as larger guild or portal sites for many users.
See example.rb
Please view the RubyDoc for more information on usage.
Wowr can be installed through RubyGems using the command below:
gem install wowr
Alternatively, the latest version can be downloaded from SVN with:
svn checkout
Originally written by Ben Humphreys benhumphreys[at]
Maintained by Peter Wood peter+wowr[at]
Renaud Chaput
Michael Chen
Ken Preudhomme
Scott (
Apologies to anyone missed, please let Peter Wood know if this is the case.