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Barry bot for helpchat
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Barry bot for HelpChat

/Links/ Used for the =links <plugin/service> command. Got a plugin you want to add? Feel free to submit a pull request.

Example Template: pluginname.json

    "Description": "Awesome plugin!",
    "img": "",
    "Words": "Need more words? Just type them",
    "Spigot": ""

Just need to follow the JSON format seen in the other plugins.

  • 'img' needs to be lowercase if you wish to use it. (Shows in the top left of the embed)
  • file names should be in lowercase and end in .json
  • All links need to either start with https:// or http:// for Barry to pickup
  • You can have any amount links and information, but try to only put the useful ones in.

Once your request is pulled a staff member will need to run an update command to get any changes made. :)

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