Sample project on how to implement the OpenCV SDK on Android with face detection
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Native OpenCV in Android Studio with face detect

This application is a sample Android Studio project (tested on gradle 3.0.1) with 'Android SDK OpenCV 3.3.1' (


Here is how to use this project to run native OpenCV code.

  • Make sure you have Android SDK up to date, with NDK installed
  • Download latest OpenCV SDK for Android from and decompress the zip file.
  • Clone this project
  • Create a symlink named jniLibs in app/src/main that points to YOUR_OPENCV_SDK/sdk/native/libs
  • In app/CMakeLists.txt change line 9 to points to YOUR_OPENCV_SDK/sdk/native/jni/include
  • Sync gradle
  • Run the application


The openCVLibaray331 library inside the project contains the java code '/openCVLibrary331/src/main/java' copied from the YOUR_OPENCV_SDK/sdk/java/src folder. The aidl folder '/openCVLibrary331/src/main/aidl' contains the contents of YOUR_OPENCV_SDK/sdk/java/src/org/opencv/engine folder, keeping the same package.

For detection we are using a Haar Cascade frontal face detection inserted in res/raw/haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml

We can find other Haar at: