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Browser usage

See how to use handlebars-helpers in the browser.


The main export returns a function that needs to be called to expose the object of helpers.

var helpers = require('{%= name %}')();
//=> returns object with all (130+) helpers

Get a specific collection

Helper collections are exposed as getters, so only the helpers you want will be required and loaded.

var helpers = require('{%= name %}');
var math = helpers.math();
//=> only the `math` helpers

var helpers = require('{%= name %}');
var array = helpers.array();
//=> only the `collections` helpers

Optionally pass your own handlebars

var handlebars = require('handlebars');
var helpers = require('{%= name %}')({
  handlebars: handlebars

// or for a specific collection
var math = helpers.math({
  handlebars: handlebars


{%= include("docs/") %}

{%= include("docs/") %}


The following utils are exposed on .utils.

{%= apidocs('lib/utils/index.js') %}


{%= changelog(yaml(read("CHANGELOG"))) %}