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Helpful Engineering

Software proposals

The scope of this document is to aggregate all the software project proposals under the Helpful Engineering initiative. If you didn't join yet you can find our Slack group in the main page.

A good starting point is our Start document

In order to submit a new idea, please refer to the following template.

Once your proposal is ready, you can both share it in the #software-project-proposal room. Clone this repo and create a new branch with the format PROJECT-[your-project-name] and submit a PR to this repo. Reach out to our slack channel #software for any questions.

Other software channels:

  • #medical-software Main landing channel with general discussion.
  • #software: Discussions on ongoing projects: ask for help, beta testers, bugs etc
  • #meta-proposals-discussion: Discussions on hardware and software application (web), and software (data science) proposals.

Repo structure
  - proposals/
  - proposals/

Helpful Engineering Software Projects Sign-Up:

Register yourself here