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Installation & Update

To install Beacon, see the documentation.

1.0.0 beta (build 73)

  • We've fixed the message history for secure mode users that broke in build 0.69. Sorry for the trouble!

1.0.0 beta (build 72)

  • Added a new method suggest for custom suggestions
  • Added dismissBeacon method to make sure Beacon isn't in the way of other code in your app
  • Carthage support is back!
  • A continued restructuring of our developer documentation

1.0.0 beta (build 71)

Bug Fixes
  • The main Beacon controller now implements preferredStatusBarStyle to try to resolve issue #19
  • Article viewed activities will now link to the article in you Help Scout Beacon note, rather than the application in the App Store. Search activities will no longer show a link. This also resolves a crash with a missing CFBundleName. Long term, we'll add the Beacon name & platform to the note so you can more easily identify the source.

1.0.0 beta (build 69)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed user attribute upload for unsecure users
  • Fixed a crash condition with the navigate method

1.0.0 beta (build 67)

  • New methods on HSBeacon - search, openArticle, and navigate.
  • Our developer site now includes Jazzy generated API documentation.
Bug Fixes
  • More translation fixes documented here and here.

1.0.0 beta (build 58)

Bug Fixes
  • The text for "We usually respond in..." was not getting translated with the useLocalTranslationOverrides option enabled (reported issue)

1.0.0 beta (build 57)

  • New local overrides added to HSBeaconSettings
    • Color
    • Docs enabled
    • Custom fields enabled
    • Show name
    • Show subject
    • Allow attachments
    • Show get in touch
    • Show prefilled custom fields
  • User attribute limit increased to 30
  • Attachment preview now uses QuickLook instead of UIDocumentInteractionController to address App Store rejections
Bug Fixes
  • Status bar color is restored when exiting Beacon

1.0.0 beta (build 52)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash on previous messages with an empty subject reported here

1.0.0 beta (build 49)

  • Added a flag for disabling the contact form
  • Added a blank state in cases where Docs and Messaging are both disabled
  • UI enhancements related to overlapping & loading content
Bug Fixes
  • Dynamic Type will no longer need an app restart to take effect
  • Fixed scrolling issues for articles with large tables

1.0.0 beta (build 44)

  • Beacon is now distributed as a static framework
  • Added up & down arrows to navigate between form fields
  • Custom fields and agent avatars are now cached between loads
  • Dynamic Type is supported in multiple areas
  • Form field length limits are now more tightly enforced
  • The contact form can now be prefilled to provide attachments and field values automatically
Bug Fixes
  • Fix a case where related article links would not always work from search
  • Ensure that the search results back button will adhere to the Beacon color

1.0.0 beta (build 41)

  • Added state restoring when opening the same Beacon after it has been closed
  • Improvements to network error handling
  • Updated the visual appearance of custom fields
  • Updated the contact button when viewing empty search results
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crashes around attachment uploading
  • Fixed articles failing to load correctly

1.0.0 beta (build 37)

  • Improve error handling in the Previous Messages flow
  • Prevent sending duplicate messages when replying to a thread or starting a new one
Bug Fixes
  • Attachments with zero length are now rejected

1.0.0 beta (build 36)

  • Use WKWebView for rendering articles
Bug Fixes
  • Fix an issue with article cards where the status bar would overlap the article
  • Fix an issue where the article content may never appear after loading

1.0.0 beta (build 35)

  • Initial framework release
Bug Fixes
  • Initial framework release