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⛑️ Brigade

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Backbone-controlled React components

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What is Brigade?

Brigade is a library that enhances Backbone or Marionette views. It provides a couple of abstractions for:

  • Mounting one or more React components into a Backbone or Marionette view
  • Keeping React components in sync with Backbone collections and models
  • Using actions defined in a Backbone or Marionette view with a React component

Is Brigade for me?

If you are integrating React components into a legacy Backbone/Marionette application than Brigade may be a good fit for your project.

If you are simply looking for a state management solution for your React project, then Brigade is not for you. In this case, try MobX, Redux, Unistore or another solution.


Brigade has the following peer dependencies:

Backbone requires jQuery and Underscore.


npm install @helpscout/brigade