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Java wrapper for the Help Scout API
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Help Scout Java Wrapper

Java Wrapper for the Help Scout API. More information can be found on our developer site.

Version 1.5.1 Released

Please see the Changelog for details.


Example Usage: API

import net.helpscout.api;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class TestingAPI {

  public static void main(String[] args) throws ApiException {
    ApiClient client = ApiClient.getInstance();

    List<String> fields = new ArrayList<String>();
    Page mailboxes = client.getMailboxes(fields);
    if (mailboxes != null) {
      // do something

    Long mailboxId = 123456L;
    Mailbox mailbox = client.getMailbox(mailboxId);
    if (mailbox != null) {
      String mailboxName = mailbox.getName();
      Page folders = client.getFolders(mailbox.getId());

    Long customerId = 123456L;
    Customer c = client.getCustomer(customerId);
    if (c.hasSocialProfiles()) {
      List<SocialProfileEntry> profiles = c.getSocialProfiles();
      // do something

Field Selectors

Field selectors are given as a list of Strings. When field selectors are used, the appropriate object is created with the fields provided.

ApiClient Methods

Each method also has a duplicate that allows you to pass in a list of Strings to specify desired fields (see Field Selectors).


  • getMailboxes()
  • getMailbox(Long mailboxID)


  • getFolders(Long mailboxID)


  • getConversationsForFolder(Long mailboxID, Long folderID)
  • getConversationsForMailbox(Long mailboxID)
  • getConversationsForCustomerByMailbox(Long mailboxID, Long customerID)
  • getConversation(Long conversationID)
  • createConversation(Conversation conversation)
  • createConversationThread(Long conversationId, ConversationThread thread)
  • updateConversation(Conversation conversation)
  • deleteConversation(Long id)


  • getAttachmentData(Long attachmentID)
  • createAttachment(Attachment attachment)
  • deleteAttachment(Long id)


  • getCustomers()
  • getCustomer(Long customerID)
  • createCustomer(Customer customer)
  • updateCustomer(Customer customer)


  • getUsers()
  • getUsersForMailbox(Long mailboxID)
  • getUser(Long userID)

Example Usage: Webhooks

String secretKey = "secret-key-here";
Webhook webhook = new Webhook(secretKey, httpRequest);
if (webhook.isValid()) {
  String event = webhook.getEventType();

  if (webhook.isConversationEvent()) {
    Conversation convo = webhook.getConversation();
    // do something
  } else if (webhook.isCustomerEvent()) {
    Customer customer = webhook.getCustomer();
    // do something


All contributions are welcomed and reviewed. Please submit all pull requests against the develop branch.

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