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HSDS: React

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React components for Help Scout's Design System

Live Demo

Check out HSDS's Storybook:


npm install @helpscout/hsds-react --save

Getting Started

After cloning this repo down, run:

npm install

Once everything is installed, run:

npm start

Check out HSDS's Storybook at http://localhost:8900/ in your browser!


To run Jest in watch mode, run:

npm run dev

To execute all the tests (with Coverage reporting), run:

npm run test


To publish and release a new version of HSDS, run the following command:

npm run release

You'll be presented with a CLI prompt with options. Pick the one you want, and that's it! The script will take care of the rest (from testing to publishing).

Deploying Storybook

To deploy the Storybook, run the following command:

npm run deploy


On Nov 8, 2018, we rebranded Blue to HSDS: React 🎉.

The original Blue library will still exist on npm, and is still installable via:

npm install @helpscout/blue --save

However, continued development of this component library will continue under HSDS: React, which is installable via:

npm install @helpscout/hsds-react --save

A big thanks to all the folks involved in Blue! Blue will always be your boy 💙 .