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A component-first CSS design system.


You can find all of our documentation at

Getting started

To get started with this project, run the following command:

npm install

This installs Lerna, as well as other development dependencies.

Once it's done, run this command:

npm run bootstrap

This tells Lerna to magically setup all the seed packages!


To run tests on all the seed packs, run this command:

npm run test


To build all the seed packs (for publishing), run this command:

npm run build


To publish to npm, run the following command and walk through the CLI steps:

npm run release

About this repo

This monorepo contains all the official Seed Packs that make up the foundations of Seed CSS. The idea for the monorepo was inspired by IstanbulJS.

Having an all-in-one repo allows easier coordination and maintanence.

And having to do a single git clone is way way nicer than having to do 60+ git clones 😜.

Impact on Seed Packs

No worries! All of the Seed Packs can still be individually installed via npm install. That's not goin' away. The Packs are just moving to a new home on Github is all.

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