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In your project.clj, add hydrox to the [:profiles :dev :dependencies] entry:

(defproject ...
  :plugins ["lein-hydrox" "0.1.15"]
  :profiles {:dev {:dependencies [...
                                  [helpshift/hydrox "0.1.15"]


To initialise a project:

lein hydrox init

To generate documentation (watches project for changes and updates documentation accordingly):

lein hydrox



hydrox assists in the transmission of knowledge around a clojure project, providing in-repl management of documentation, docstrings and metadata through the reuse/repurposing of test code. The tool allows for a design-orientated workflow for the programming process, blurring the boundaries between design, development, testing and documentation.

hydrox overview

Please see the docs for more information (generated using itself).

Links and References:

  • the generated website for hara can be seen here

  • the .html output can be seen for a sample .clj input


Copyright © 2015 Helpshift

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.