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Heltec Automation

LoRa & IoT hardware and solution providers


  1. Heltec CubeCell Series (based on ASR6501, ASR6502 chip) Arduino support.

    C 139 76

  2. ASR Microelectronics ASR650x: development platform for PlatformIO

    Python 17 8

  3. Transplanted from Semtech LoRaWAN( protocol to "ESP32 + Arduino" platform. Use RTC, support deep sleep, only working with ESP32 + LoRa boards made by HelTec…

    Assembly 180 67

  4. Arduino library for Heltec ESP32 (or ESP32+LoRa) based boards

    C 293 125

  5. Arduino library for Heltec ESP8266 based boards

    C 38 15

  6. Heltec Automation products relevant documents.

    Python 8 14



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