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Better presence add-on (beta)

This add-on makes a combination of trackers to get better tracking capabilies in home assistant Checkout as inspiration

Basically the state will go:

Home->Just left->Away->Zone

Home->Just left->Home

Away->Just arrived->Home

Add add-on

Go to ADD-ON-STORE and add the to "Add new repository by URL".

After that helto4real add-ons should show under the title: Helto4Real Add-ons

Configuration add-on

For best results recommend using one tracker that is of router type and one tracker that is of bluetooth type and finally the third tracker that is of gps type.

You will need atleast one of router/bluetooth type and one of gps type trackers.

The name of the device in Home Assistant will be sensor.[id]_presence

Example of two persons and their trackers.

    "log_level": "info",
    "persons": [
            "id": "thomas",
            "friendly_name": "Thomas",
            "devices": [
            "id": "dawn",
            "friendly_name": "Dawn",
            "devices": [