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Better presence

I wanted to make a better precense in code rather than in Hass configurations. Felt must be way easier to get the advanced things I want.

Checkout as inspiration

Basically I want the state to go:

Home->Just left->Away->Zone

Home->Just left->Home

Away->Just arrived->Home

Now I can trigger a welcome message on just arrived but it will not trigger if I was temporarily Just left and got Home again. You can easily customize the state names in

Group functionality

You will have to have your devices in a group. Recommed one gps, like owtracks or gpstracker, one bluetooth and one wifi like nmap. 3 devices like this gives the best result imo.

The logic is: If bluetooth or wifi device is 'home' the whole group is considered home. if bluetooth and wifi are 'not_home' and gps are home and been recently updated then the group is home, else group is considered 'not_home'

Enity picture

If any of the devices has a enity_picture then the tracker gets that picture too

Tracking of gps coordinates

The sensor will have the same tracking coordinates as the gps device in group. Make sure you only have one gps device!!!

Cofigure in apps.yaml

  module: presence
  class: a_better_presence
  name: presence_tomas                # name of the device in Hass
  timer: 600                          # timeout in seconds from just arrived to home and just left to away
  update_time: 7200                   # how old reported values get to be before reporting not_home (2hr)
  group_devices: group.tomas_devices  # The group that contains the trackked devices

Configuring triggers on states

You will have to use the condition like below not to make the trigger fire when you reboot the device or hass

Example below sends a message through script when state changes except when from_state is nothing wich is the case when it starts.

  - alias: Send message on away-home notice Tomas
      - platform: state
        entity_id: sensor.presence_tomas 
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ trigger.from_state != None }}"
      service: script.notify
        tell: th
        title: "Tomas status {{trigger.to_state.state}}"
        message: "Tomas has changed status for tracker {{trigger.to_state.state}}"