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-# Ektorp [![build status](](
+# Ektorp [![build status](](
Ektorp is a persistence API that uses [CouchDB]( as storage engine. The goal of Ektorp is to combine JPA like functionality with the simplicity and flexibility that CouchDB provides.

3 comments on commit 1edb031


pdeschen replied Nov 6, 2012

@helun thanks for the merge. While you have change the image url, you didn't change the link which still points to my own. That should be

#Ektorp [![build status](](

helun replied Nov 6, 2012

ok, thanks. I have fixed it now. travis-ci seems really cool BTW!


pdeschen replied Nov 6, 2012

Excellent! Thanks for merging.

Yes Travis is indeed cool! Dual purpose:

  1. show off that your project is stable
  2. make sure for you it builds following merge for instance.

Always a nice addition to any open source project :-)

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