Deprecated the use of the System properties in favor of a method parameter. #99

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Using System properties for configuring short-lived job like merging two design document is just bad practice, IMHO.


The justification for a system property is that you may want to have different behaviour in different environments. say dev and prod


Good point. Then how about keeping this change but not deprecating the use of the System properties, so that one can force update (or not) by using the mergeWith(DesignDocument, boolean) method? Because right now it's impossible for two merge running concurrently to use different update_on_diff policy (which is a case I've run into).

@helun helun closed this Apr 7, 2014

@helun Would you accept this PR if just changeset around introduction of a new parameter for mergeWith (i.e. mergeWith(DesignDocument, boolean)) without system property deprecation?

In my opinion, giving developer power to decide of this behavior programmaticaly would simply offers more possibilities while keep backward compatibility of the library. It seems to me a win-win situation for everybody.

What do you think?


That sounds reasonable

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