An easy to use and setup floating view for your app. 🎡
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An easy to use and setup floating view for your app. 🎡

Build Status License Platform Swift 4.x iOS >= 9.0 CocoaPods MadeWithLove Awesome-Swift


  1. Manually - Add HHFloatingView/Source folder to your Project. And you're good to use HHFloatingView.

  2. CocoaPods: pod 'HHFloatingView'

You can read the CHANGELOG file for a particular release.


Please check the example project.


You can watch to HHFloatingView to see continuous updates. Stay tuned.

Have an idea for improvements of this class? Please open an issue.    


Hemang Shah

You can shoot me an email to contact.

Thank You!!

See the contributions for details.


The MIT License (MIT)

Read the LICENSE file for details.