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To create a new post 😎

  • Create a .markdown file inside _posts folder.
  • Name the file according to the standard jekyll format.
  • Write the Front Matter and content in the file.

          layout: post
          title:  String Post Title
          date:   Time Stamp
          categories: String | Array of Strings Category / Categories
        layout: post
        title:  "The One with the Blackout"
        date:   2016-03-30 19:45:31 +0530
        categories: ["life", "friends"]


####Create new pages, such a breeze! 😄

  • Create a .md file in the root directory.
  • Name the file with the desired page link name.
  • Write the Front Matter and content in the file.
          layout: page
          title: String Title of the webpage
          permalink: / String / Permalink for the webpage
          tagline: String Optional Feature : Tagline for the page
        layout: page
        title:  "Science"
        permalink:   /science/
        tagline : "Humanity is overrated."


####It'd be really cool if you,

  1. Create some new feature and would like to integrate in Safarnama. Pull requests are most invited.
  2. Open issues if you find bugs.
  3. Just so you know, the license type is MIT.

Its' all about being community driven. 🚌 🚌 💨

If there's any issue you are facing in setting up Safarnama, I'm there for you. Just create an issue in this repository (, ( and I'll get back to you asap. 😄 👍

Have a great day! 😄 😄 😃