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A starter skeleton bash script to use as a template

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I have written some shell scripts and found that creating a template can be handy. So I created this template. So most of the time I start with this template. This template provides

 * basic flags that most shell script use. [see usage below]
 * getopts structure is in place
 * A default logger
 * Almost ready to use usage function.

Below is what you see if you run this script as is. Now you can only concentrate on your main function to do what you need to do.

  usage: $myname [options]

  -h           optional  Print this help message
  -q           optional  Suppress log messages on screen, just log them.
  -f           optional  Force
  -i <file>    required  input file
  -l <log>     optional  print errors and output to this file.
               default ${myname}.log
  -o <outdir>  optional  store output here.
               default is <put ur default here>"
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