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Add line after code block to fix inline code
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hemanth committed Nov 8, 2017
2 parents 5fb5b46 + bbd80f9 commit e47f3b9fe33ba27e869d1a2334ce13df0e0622ac
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@@ -156,6 +156,7 @@ const addTo = x => y => x + y
var addToFive = addTo(5)
addToFive(3) // returns 8
The function `addTo()` returns a function(internally called `add()`), lets store it in a variable called `addToFive` with a curried call having parameter 5.
Ideally, when the function `addTo` finishes execution, its scope, with local variables add, x, y should not be accessible. But, it returns 8 on calling `addToFive()`. This means that the state of the function `addTo` is saved even after the block of code has finished executing, otherwise there is no way of knowing that `addTo` was called as `addTo(5)` and the value of x was set to 5.

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