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A tool for the unsupervised clustering of cells from single cell RNA-Seq experiments
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Q: What is this?
A: SC3 is a tool for the unsupervised clustering of cells from single cell RNA-Seq experiments. SC3 main page is on BioConductor.

Q: How to install/run SC3?
A: Please follow the SC3 manual from its BioConductor page.

If you would like to install the latest development version of SC3 please install it from the GitHub repository:


Q: Where can I report bugs, comments, issues or suggestions?
A: Please use this page.

Q: Where can I ask questions about SC3?
A: Please use this page.

Q: Is SC3 published?
A: Yes, SC3 is published in Nature Methods.

Q: What is SC3 licence?
A: GPL-3

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