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beta 0.1.7 (19/05/2012)


  • added envelope option (of variable length) so don't get clicking sound when looping
  • added mapping setup for top row
  • added multiple modifier buttons that when held turn the rows into control strips
  • added TapeStop (tm) mode for stopping samples with a tape effect
  • added mutes (click channel number
  • updated to use latest version of JUCE library


  • fixed bug where program would incorrectly think keys were being held
  • improved MIDI timing and accuracy (now only limited by system latency)

alpha 0.1.6 (15/04/2012)


  • buttons with visual feedback for easier use of recording / resampling
  • added quantisation (with working inner looping and stopping combos)
  • added last button looping
  • neatened up UI a little bit


  • visual selection now correctly snaps to 16ths if CTRL-SHIFT is held
  • fixed rare memory leak

alpha 0.1.5 (18/12/2011)


  • each strip now acts a control strip when a modifier key on the top row is pressed. basically this allows things like speed and volume to be controlled for each strip without leaving your monome!
  • resampling / recording
  • better code for drawing waveforms
  • added Mac build!

alpha 0.1.4 (18/11/2011)

  • major internal rewrite for more efficient audio processing
  • smoother GUI updates

alpha 0.1.3

  • internal/external tempo
  • preset working internally (not much use yet though!)
  • fixed a couple of playback bugs
  • top row now act as stop buttons
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