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VST port of the popular monome app using JUCE. At this stage the app is in the alpha phase, so please test at your own risk (sure your speaker are on low volume and pop a limiter / compressor on the track with the VST if you're paranoid). I have had a couple of nasty clicks in the past, but nothing recently.

Features / Status

  • Framework for sample manipulation (several playmodes implemented)
  • Can use host BPM or internal tempo (can calculate playback speeds accordingly)
  • Handles OSC messages to and from the monome
  • Number of playback channels can be set at runtime (has no difficult running 8 simultaneous channels of audio)
  • Can load .wav, .flac, .ogg, .aiff, .caf, with arbitrary sample rates
  • Quantisation of button presses
  • Basic mapping system for top row / with modifier buttons
  • Recording / Resampling (though needs to become more user friendly)
  • Win / Mac / Linux versions

Latest Screenshot

Latest Screenshot

(Possible) Upcoming Features

  • MIDI / OSC mapping for all controls
  • ADSR envelopes for samples (maybe make advanced options).
  • Load MIDI tracks into strips
  • Pattern recorder
  • Speed independent pitch control of samples
  • 64 bit version?
  • proper sample management


Both Win / Mac versions are available from here.

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