Maps midi messages to javascript functions and broadcast them for all clients, use at your own risk
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Simple midi to javascript ( actually coffee-script ) function mapper.

install instructions

npm install


make start


./node_modules/.bin/coffee app/start.cofee

how to use it

Once you run it and choose your midi device it will create a server at localhost:1337

Then add to your html file ( generally your index file? )

<script src="http://localhost:1337/"></script>

At the moment there is a very simple and just broadcast the deltaTime / midi message via, in short you can retrieve them with

socket = io.connect('http://localhost:1337')
socket.on 'message', ( data ) =>

	message = data.message

	type   = message[0]
	number = message[1]
	value  = message[2]

Shold be very easy to change the transport ( ) to something else

get in touch!

  • If you feel interested by this project and want to develop this further
  • have some nice ideas
  • want to chat about it
  • want me to come over and have a geeky session

just drop me a line:

$ happy patching

thanks to :

  • coffee-script
    ~ It gives me nightmares just to think how life could be without you

  • node-midi
    ~ without you this wouldn't be possible wire this all in less than 10 minutes

  • inquirer
    ~ that awesome module to do awesome prompts on the command line

  • Dave Smith
    ~ For making something so good 30 years ago ( MIDI )