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About Meroserver

MeroServer is a web hosting service provider in Nepal with Raspberry Pi as Hosting Server. We are here proud to offer the free webhosting service with individual zpanel dashboard and guarantee the customer satisfaction. Any feedback regarding the improvement to our service will be highly appreciated.

About this repo

This repo is maintained in github and is content of pi.hemshrestha.com.np

Here we will learn to build a repo that will be hosted in the custom domain such as pi.hemshrestha.com.np

Steps for custom domain hosting in github

  1. First of all signin to account in github and create a new repository.
  2. Now, goto the project folder and initialize a repo.
    $ git init
  3. Add the remote url of created new repository
    $ git remote add origin https://github.com/<username>/<repo>
  4. Create a file named CNAME and write your custom domain name. For example "pi.hemshrestha.com.np"
    $ echo git.yourdomain.com >> CNAME
  5. Add files to repo
    $ git add .
  6. Commit those addition
    $ git commit -m "first commit"
  7. Push master branch
    $ git push origin master
  8. Create a repo named gh-pages (github-pages)
    $ git checkout -b gh-pages
  9. Push gh-pages branch to github
    $ git push origin gh-pages
  10. Now the page will be live with the custom domain provided in CNAME file.

Steps for CNAME pointing in your Nameserver

  1. Login to your Nameserver Account. For example afraid.org

  2. Click on Subdomain tab.

  3. Click on add subdomain.

  4. Add a CNAME record git.yourdomain.com to point github.io . For example pi.hemshrestha.com.np CNAME github.io

    point CNAME record to 
  5. Save the record and wait for 10 minutes.

  6. Browse git.yourdomain.com in the browser and you will see the data pushed in the repo.

Happy Browsing !!!